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I just scanned the installer for BoostSpeed at VirusTotal and it was detected by ESET as "a varient of Win32/Auslogics.B potentially unwanted." It is not detecting it as being unsafe, but as a PUP, and it would not be detected if you had detection of PUPs disabled.
I see. The problem is that I have emailed Auslogics support and they said this is should be reported as false-postive -_-
I am 100% sure that Eset's detection of their installer is correct! Their installer is bundled with something called "Google Analytics" or sth like this not sure


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I tried BoostSpeed a wee while ago. I did not like it at all. I found it to be very buggy. It slowed down my computer as well.
BoostSpeed offers a free trial, but not listed as freeware - only free download. Have you tried any of their free software?