Off-Topic How Did You Come Up With Your Username?

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May 30, 2013
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Hello and thanks for the replies! I wanted to change my MT user name to my Twitter user name Country Boy_MN. It would be easier for MT members to look me up.:) That's about it really. As far as how I got that user name, well it's from a single from Hank Williams Jr. The original title to the song is : A Country Boy Can Survive. It was released in Jan. 1982. It's still one of my favorite songs. ;) So that's it I guess. If an administrator is that ok that DM sometime. Because of the holiday weekend I'll offline till Monday. Have a great weekend all!:)
Aug 19, 2017
I wanted to register as OldCodger on another forum but it was already taken. I looked on the Italian dictionary and the closest translation is vecchio marpione. But vecchio marpione ( though very close) imply much more in Italian than old codger do, both good and bad.
Have fun to work out how much of this or that I may be from the dictionary translation, which by the way fall short of the meanings of old codger and vecchio marpione.
At 66 years young, a bit of a codger I still am, a bit of marpione too. Then I remembered a mountaineers old song from my homeland, "vecchio scarpone quanto tempo e' passato..."
As now I'm mostly just an old boot he he, VecchioScarpone (OldBoot) was born.
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Jan 27, 2017
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This handle was an old BBS handle from the 1980's a buddy of mine used. I thought it was cool back then. Since I use 100% unique names on every forum and every account and never duplicate, it was what came to my mind when I registered this account.