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I found something that was missed. :)

If you scroll down to the bottom of the forum page, the 'Contact us', 'Terms and rules', 'Privacy' and 'Help' links will turn light when you hover over them, preventing you from reading the link text contents whilst the mouse is over them.

I did a quick inspection on the CSS and couldn't find an existent :hover selector in CSS for the list items on the footer, potentially it is embedded in the XenForo theme somewhere and isn't found easily. I did a test by adding some additional CSS to my own session by adding the following.

a:hover {
    color: #0073aa;
After applying this CSS to my session, the text on the list item links are now once again visible on-hover. :)

You won't be able to see my cursor on the print-screen however in the below images I am hovering over the list item links on the footer.



If it was intended to be light on hover then my bad, but I gathered it is just a little non-important thing to mention for when all the important stuff has finished been taken care of later on if a change needs to be made to it! :)

Wow, the code snippet area on the posts for this new theme looks really nice. The spoiler buttons as well, they look brilliant. I also noticed the new transition effects for sliding and drop-downs and they look awesome as well in my opinion!


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If guest is not registered, Sidebar doesn't toggle...Sidebar is not good (to me...) if on the right...

"Currently Online" and "Most Posts" are not indispensable hmmm

"'Recent Posts" and "Latest Threads" are indispensable at the top of sections, always (e.g. Browsers and Extensions etc) - like before...if not, we are cut from events on the website...

I've noticed new 3rd party: to forbid...

No reaction, if I touch with the mouse the "Alerts" icon or "Conversations" icon, or my nice "Account" icon... if I click at these icons, is OK.

If not all is good, but I use, for darking the pages, the extension/add-on called Dark Mode, which works on all websites.

Thank You Jack for your great work to introduce this new website change!

I'm on "MalwareTips 2018" theme, for now
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I'm still confused about Recent posts and Unread posts. Which of these two shows new topics? :LOL:
Recent Posts mean our members posting in the thread its called ''Recent'' obviously and Unread Posts that mean you havent read it yet since they are new threads or new posts so they will be gone after you read it or later;) that mean dont waste your time to read all new posts which you know you seen it i would say Unread posts is better :ROFLMAO:


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IMO " Latest Posts " should perhaps be where " Most Posts " is on the main page. Most posts is statistic information and fits better with Forum and Online Statistics or why not use the Most Posts-Past 7-10 Days as seen on other pages then the main page. Just an idea.
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