kerish doctor has a nice clean interface , which is very eye catching. most of all it is super easy to navigate , so the program is also compatible for the less computer savy people. the maintainance modules the program offer are very extensive , making sure your computer is tweaked too the maximum for top performance! unlike other tuningsuites out there it is rather safe to use , so you can use the various modules with peace of mind , without even having to worry if the actions taken by kerish doctor will mess up your operating system. also a main advantage is that the program is a one stop shop : protection and maintainance in one! no need to install seperate programs for different needs. I would certainly recommend this to my friends and family ;) the only improvement they need to make is the incorperation of disk defragmenting tool , to be a more complete program.

thank you both kerish and mt for this wonderfull giveaway ;)


my config :


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This is a very interesting software. Comes to help us to keep our system in optimal conditions .
Improves performance , cleans the registry , protect anti -malware and vulnerabilities of the system, creates and destroys restore points ... has everything you need and is a really reliable software.

Thanks! @BoraMurdar, Kerish Doctor and MT

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Thank you for the giveaway:
My introduction: My introduction: http://malwaretips.com/threads/hell...whats-your-career-job.7501/page-8#post-378503
Twitter https://twitter.com/robwahl08
I've used advanced system care free so I was excited to compare it to Kerish Doctor. This had many tools that asc did not have yet I prefer the user interface of asc. They laid their tools sequentially. I look forward to using them both.
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Thanks for this giveaway. I am really happy I tried this software :).

First of all, I have never used tune-up/optimization software (or not for a really long time) and was kind of suspicious of them. But, based on the general discussion here at MT, everyone seemed to say this one was safe. I tried it and I loved it. I don't have a basis for comparison, and for now I like it so much that I am not sure I will be trying anything else :D.

  • Full scan was fast (a couple minutes on my system) and fix was even faster.
  • It took 2 full scans, repair, restart to fix all fixable (some disabled in trial) errors. But, this is no big deal and may be normal. It actually seemed really easy and effective to me.
  • The identification of vulnerabilities was great! This was one of my favorite things. It would have taken much more time to try to manually fix all these thing, if I had even known about them.
  • 'Calm' presentation of findings after scan (no huge red letters, etc.), just number of errors.
  • Very convenient tools to get information. For example, can check running processes and check on virus total.
  • Able to view all previous restore points as well as create a new one, in one place.
  • Nice interface, easy to navigate.
  • The "solving PC problems" lists many common errors that might be encountered. Luckily, I didn't get to try this out, but it seems very useful.
  • The internet browsing optimizations were great and things I would never have found/changed on my own. Browsing feels snappier!
  • I liked the suggestions made (disabling fax, etc.). I had always wondered why these were all enabled, but never got around to looking into if I should disable them and how.
  • I thought there was an issue with whitelisting cookies (have to do this in Ccleaner and didn't see an option in Kerish) and assumed I was going to be signed out of everything and have to re-enter all my two-factor authentication, etc. But somehow I wasn't! Very nice.

There were only a couple definite cons and keep in mind, these may be issues with my configuration/system.

  • Issue with updating. I had to check and install updates many times because part way through I got a network error (but I wasn't have any issues). I noticed that each time it was actually installing 1 more update, but I had to keep starting over. But, at 12 it finished the rest with no errors, so this wasn't a major issue.
  • Issue with false positive tmp file when installing. This didn't seem to affect anything, but when installing, I got a an alert from Comodo AV that it had detected a Trojan and quarantined. Obviously a false positive and it installed fine anyway, but I think general users might be concerned about something like this.

Keep in mind, I have nothing to compare this with, but here are some small things that would be nice.

  • Easier to navigate statistics and reports section- maybe sorting by columns. Also, explanation of what the graph means (is higher better?). But, I love the graph. It would be good to be able to click on the number of threats detected and see what they where. I found myself kind of worried and going to quarantine until I realized they were the fixed vulnerabilities.
  • Update immediately after initial install. I ran the first full scan, then saw a message about available updates. Maybe this could be part of installation?
  • Reputation for everything, or more things, as this is a nice feature (Installed applications, browser extensions).
  • For network activity, would be great to have some option to look-up IP, get WHOIS information.
  • There were just a couple places the translation could be polished (I can only evaluate the English version here). They were really tiny and I wouldn't personally notice or care (and probably make worse ones all the time). But, I tried to use Kerish Doctor and think of useful suggestions for marketing it to a large general audience that might not know the good reputation. I won't list a bunch of things, because I am really not an expert in language for GUIs. I also may only notice this because I publish things professionally (but as a scientist not a professional writer) and have to work with these things all the time...:eek:.
Edit: My laptop feels downright cool...seriously, I am shocked at the temperature change. My cats are going to have to give Kerish Doctor a bad review for taking away their warm object though! ;)

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Just few days ago I've decided to try Kerish Doctor 2015 and I must say that i'm quite impressed.
I was a big fan of jv16 PowerTools because of it's good results in finding system and registry errors but since I've tried Kerish Doctor i just simply removed Macecraft product. The main reason was: ease of use.
Kerish Doctor is powerfull but yet very intuitive set of tools that help to keep my system running smooth and healthy.
First thing that I liked is the fact that right after installation I was asked if I would like to let KD running in the background or maybe I prefer use it as on-demand tool only.
Second thing that made me a big fan of KD is it's simple interface (compared to jv16) - everything is just one click away and it contains everything that I need without unnecessary bloat like skins for example.
What makes it's unique compared to ther products is realtime algorithms update system - thanks to this I am always 100% sure that KD will provide the right solution to found problems and he can solve them without making any harm to the system.

Of course Kerish Doctor isn't a prefect product and there is still some room for improvement like complete removing of those awful voice announces (i really didn;t enjoyed them and it's good that they can be turned off) which bring Avast on mind (my all time hated product).
It would be also nice to let users completely switch off message center.

Thank You Kerish.org and MalwareTips teams for an opportunity to win this excellent tool.

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Kerish Doctor 2015 has a nice user interface and is very useful for improving PC speed and performance. However, many "clean-up" utilities similar to Kerish Doctor 2015 are generally spyware, adware and unwanted, thankfully this application is one of the good ones :)

  • Helps to keep my PC clean
  • Runs without user-interaction, but also provides a manual mode
  • Detects vulnerabilities in commonly installed software such as Chrome, iexplore etc.
  • Many utilities claiming to increase PC performance are usually adware, the marketing of this application should be reviewed.
  • The interface is a bit hard to use

Hopefully this giveaway is still active and I haven't posted this for no reason..

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Round 2

Winners of Kerish Doctor 2015 1 year license key are :

@Sr. Normal

Every winner will soon get his license key, be sure to check your inbox.

I need to commend @Nirv5668 review as extraordinary one, and other future participants should look up to this review. Well done :)

Also, there were also very poorly written reviews, with only 2 lines but still won the key. This will not be considered as a review in the future, please write something about your usage of the product with all the things you like or dislike, every critic is welcomed as well as the bugs and feature requests...

Once again, congratz to the winners! Keep reviewing, there are more keys to give away!:)


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Thank you so much @BoraMurdar :). Not having tried any others made it easier I think. I'm just really happy I got a chance to try this type of software (not the spyware, adware that many experienced members point out!) and was guided to such a good one! Really enjoying it. Thanks again MT and Kerish Doctor! I have already recommended this to friends, who were quite interested after hearing my laptop was cooler in particular.


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Thanks for the giveaway

Kerish Doctor 2015
* I mostly like Black list option. I easily blocked some games to avoid playing by my friends.
* Getting recomendation feature is good. We can disable unwanted services that we rarely use
* Chek installed software warns us about oudated version of various softwares tha are installed on our system
* Solving pc problem is one of the key factor
* By using windows teaker we can customise our windows setting. And that is also a unique feature
* Internet booster feature. Just checked this option and did fabulous job.
So Highlight of the product is Getting recomdation feature.

* It is not free.As other competitor like CCleaner and slim utility giving most of the features free.
* Cleaning of junk files is not as much impressive as CCleaner.It is ordinary I just celar 25 junk data with Kerish and after that CCleaner found 183 mb data. As usual Ccleaner is always top performer
* Software look is not impressive and it is confusing.
* Some IMP features like Defrag, disk wipe etc are missing.
* If i have to paid for this then I have better option than this i.e. Iolo System Mechanic pro which having more extra and advanced feature than this

I was expecting something different features from Kerish. Because the some common options giving y Kerish is already in the list of some popular programs like Tuneup, Slim utility, Ccleaner ,Wise care etc. So in the crowd of system tweaking softwares, I didnt find something special in kersih. It is just like a old wine in new bottle ;). Thats it..!

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  • Repairs registry errors, removes caches & useless temporary files.
  • Better startup objects checking system.
  • Checking startup programs & network activity related programs directly on virus total is an awesome feature.

  • Registry cleaner isn't perfect enough, ccleaner is much better with these perspectives, Kerish Doctor is ignoring uninstalled/removed software's left over registry tweeks like extension related & so, ccleaner does the work in better manners here.
  • In Network Activity tool we should have a reputation option, each & every process should have reputation in front of it, like for windows default services it should show green, in front of other trusted services like chrome, firefox (& so) it should show any other good color, if suspected network activity is found then it's reputation should be shown in red color. (it should be right in front of each process instead of more details of each activity separately, we cannot monitor in that manner)
  • One more thing in network activity that should be added is the process resolver, each process that is connected to any ip address their should be an option right there to resolve that specific ip, this option will be helping us a lot to manually inspect the address where we're connected to.
  • In Windows Startup options, we should have option to enable/disable any startup process instead of removing it, may be we accomplish any mistakes or temporarily we want to disable any program, removing it from the list is totally not any good idea.

Hopefully I'm clear :)

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