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Jun 10, 2016
Hello guys,

Hope everyone keeping very safe and well due to pandemic

I was wondering if I could get some expert advice?

For my PC protection, I am running

AVG Free edition,
Malwarebytes free version,
U-block Origin add blocker,
Wisecare Pro,

Does my pc have good protection againt's hackers and other bad stuff from the internet?

I found Malware bytes to be very effective, is there a better and more powerful software better than

Is it also safe and ok to use U-block Origin add blocker and Malwarebytes Browser Guard at the
same time?

Kind regards


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Jul 19, 2018
If you have good security practices and nobody else is using your computer, uBlock is the only one needed here.
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Apr 24, 2016
Your protection is AVG Free and you're running uBlock Origin in your browser.

Malwarebytes Free version is for cleaning up an already infected computer or to be used as a second option scanner.
There is no real time protection with Malwarebytes Free:

AVG Free and uBlock Origin offer decent protection, but for example backups and good security practices are also important.

To get more help you can post your Security Configuration here:
More info on that:


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Jun 26, 2020
My recommendation is uninstall AVG free and install a more aggressive AV and with better detection rates, like Kaspersky free (security cloud). It's a more effective tool.



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Sep 2, 2021
Hello :)

For me an antivirus is chosen according to its use.
If you ever go on the Internet in a basic way (mail, social networks, YouTube etc), keep the antivirus of Windows 10, Microsoft Defender which is enough.

If you ever download files from obscure sites, take a more solid protection like Kaspersky.

If you have children, it's better to use a family antivirus like Norton or F-Secure.

With these antiviruses, keep your software up to date (Windows, Browser, Flash, Java etc.), do not click anywhere including on emails you do not know.
Always download your software from the publisher's website and read it carefully during installation, as some programs install additional software.

An anti-advertising program like uBlock

A secure DNS like NextDNS

And you're all set :)