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I'm sure i took a look already, nothing about the price, version free/trial/shareware,etc.
It's seem great but i have to pay to use it...what a bad news


I'm wondering, what software uninstaller is best? (completely removal, clean all registries,etc)
There some of them, i need to choose one, please help me.
1. Revo Uninstaller
2. GeekUninstaller
3. Your Uninstaller
4. Wise Program Uninstaller
5. WinUtilities
6. Others( If you use it, please give me opinions as much as possible).
Thanks for all.:)
There is one other option that is best reserved for those that are particularly OCD about uninstalls:

Total Uninstall by Gavrila Martau: Uninstall utility for Windows | Total Uninstall software with easy

It is the most powerful uninstaller.

It is paid.

You have to pay close attention to how it functions and what it does. You have to practice with it !!!

Using it can be incredibly time intensive.

Revo is best option for typical use. Total Uninstall is more suited to detailed uninstalls.

REVO TIP: Install latest free version, then upgrade. They used to offer the upgrade at 50 % discount... not sure now, but worth a try.


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It's hard to purchase software online for me, because of the fee of maintaining cards services, the complicated procedure...so the best way it could use these paid software is key giveaways from manufactures or..crack but i won't use crack


As well said by @hjlbx you should be aware of Total Uninstall. It can happen that, during the phase of uninstalling a program previously monitored, Total Uninstall present a window which asks the user whether a particular file can be deleted.
Total Uninstall indicates the path where the file is resident. From its path we can understand that it is a file used only by the application that we are uninstalling. In fact, since it resides in the folder where the software is installed, we can safely proceed to its elimination.

If, instead, Total Uninstall indicates that the file you want to delete resides in a system folder, such as System32, we should act with more caution because there may be a file shared by other applications.


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Ok, so today I was trying a software (TreeDBNotes Pro, TreeDBNotes Free) for some reason (don't ask) and the damn thing wouldn't get uninstalled properly. It still had its shortcuts and .exe and folders etc. It so happened, that I had also installed both the Free and Pro versions, which made things more interesting.

I always thought CCleaner had its own module to uninstall, I guess I was wrong. Long story short it didn't work. So I tried Revo, just to see what all the fuss was about. Lo and behold, Revo did the job. I specified the path to the program (mind you, the second time around, I had no folders, only shortcuts in the start menu etc), so I copied and pasted the shortcut into the Forced Uninstall section: "C:\Program Files (x86)\TreeDBNotes Pro 4\TreeDBNotes.exe". It then located all the entries in the registry etc.

I was trying to make a screen video for this, as the above mentioned program is a very good sample to test out your uninstallers. Unfortunately, the video was going to be atleast 1Gb, so I ditched the project :p

Conclusion: I am pretty pleased with Revo :)
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Also will use Everthing Search Engine to find any left over files.
Then Registrar Regstry Manager to find any leftover reg keys.
Also Intelli Admin Unisntaller. This program will remove an item from the add remove programs list that will not uninstall. Although it only does this, and actually does not uninstall the program.
I'm surprised, you still recommend registry cleaners nowadays to inexperienced users. Moreover I rarely use reg cleaners on Windows 7 and above. But sometime I manually remove unwanted entries in regedit rather than relying on some algorithms searching for null values or similar ones.


I'm surprised, you still recommend registry cleaners nowadays to inexperienced users.

This is different than the standard registry cleaner, it seeks out registry keys from the specific program that you choose. It doesn't blindly clean this or that. If you have never used it and you deal with the registry a good bit, I would suggest installing it, as it is a time saver. :)


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First of all you should know that all uninstallers leave some traces.
For me Revo Uninstaller Pro does the best job among other uninstallers.
If you think that some traces are left behind then you can do a scan with Forced Uninstall
and if something is there Revo will get rid of it;).
So my choice is Revo Pro