Q&A What are some Windows system restore alternative softwares?


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Nov 10, 2017
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Aug 19, 2019
Most of the time my PC doesn't make restore points , even if I manually do it, it still get removed after few restarts, So I need some software which reliably can make restore points manually! I am not looking for a backup software since I am already using Macrium Reflect!

I use Macrium Reflect Free as my backup solution Reflect Free a lot of the time.


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Feb 26, 2021
There are two that I really trust that are both still in active development. One is Terabyte's Image for Windows/Linux and the other is Macrium Reflect. Both have proven invaluable to me fore years. Anyone who uses a computer should have a complete backup image stored on an external drive. That being said, the closest to what you are talking about, with restore points, would be the paid version of reflect. That way you can simply select and i mage and have it auto-restore and restart. I just would not ever trust anything where the backups cannot be stored externally, that way iof you need to restore everything you're not completely screwed.
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Jan 16, 2017
If you often do backups, I don't think you'd need a restore point alternatives. If your Macrium is paid, then its incremental backups are very fast and reliable to the point I don't desire software like Rollback RX and Easy Fix(these are what you're looking for). Windows restore point have always failed me which is just twice but still.