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My first was ESET Smart Security version 4.0 If my memory of the gui is right, it came with my pc and had a 1 year license, when that year ended I saw it stopped working and then started looking into other AVs. That was actually also the time when I discovered the wonderful world of internet security. :D
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GUI is the same concept prior to V3 :) V3 is when they introduced smart security (oh the up roar that followed after the release of v3...)
Prior to version 3 EAV had a cult like following probably still does in some way.Version 3 was a big deal I stayed with version 2 for a while until the Chinese started handing out 90 day keys like Halloween candy.I still have some of those codes somewhere that still work but it would probably take me a while to find them :D


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Mine would of had to be Trend Micro (aka PC-Cillin) and it was a 5 users one year and to this day I'm still using their products. I've used other products but always keep coming back to Trend Micro. It's something about the program I love. haha :)
When it comes to mobile started off with Avast, then moved to Trend Micro.


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I started out with Symantec. For 5 years I bought Symantec then had enough with Symantec/Norton because I crashed my OS so much that Norton would only allow me so many re-installs before they blocked anymore installations from CD. (2000-2005 aprox.) Then I went to Panda AV for a couple of years..then tried many others like AVG, Avast,.tried them all.


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2003 is when I heavily messed with computers. Mostly for Age of Empires (man I was obsessed with that game). First AV that I remember is AVG so probably was that. Many schools in my state use AVG (did it's job considering no computers were infected). First AV I installed myself was Comodo IS.