What was your first antivirus?


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Dec 30, 2015
When we bought our first computer in the family back in 2001, there was Norton AV installed on it. After two years, I switched to AVG free. In 2007, I used panda AV for about 5 years, then Avast for some months, Panda again and then Norton 360 till now. :)
Loved Panda's Web AV scanner, when it was free. Made some good money fixing PC infections :p

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Avast 4

Was a noobie about security, listened what people said, installed it, got infected, removed it , never used it anymore, start learning about security , and now here i am ! :D

advantage base

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Dec 20, 2014
in 2006-2013 the great PCTOOLS INTERNET SECURITY and counterSpy+ClearCloud dns.
in 2013 symantec discontinud pctools i move to AVG InternetSecurity2013 for 5 month.for 7 month i use ZoneAlarm and i not happy for slowdown.2014 use DrWeb for 3 month but i dont like the interface and scanning time.and 7 month in 2014 up to now I Use Vipre InternetSecurity and i love it

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My first AV came pre-installed with my first laptop. It was Trend Micro, that time known as something Trend Micro "Penicillin" or something. It was 1 year free.
At that time I was completely novice. After TM expired I tried many but never paid for any AVs i.e free AVs
Over the time I learned a lot & never felt the need to get paid AVs.


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Feb 12, 2016
I started with the trail version of Norton that was included on my new PC and later paid for the up-grade. That was 3 years ago. Then I went to Panda Free for 5 or 6 months and I I've been using Avira Free ever since, an excellent alternative.