Which of these Search Engines do you use?

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Level 18

Bing sucks (even searching for Microsoft stuff, you'd think Bing would be better but hasn't been my experience); they have to 'bribe' people to use it.

Yahoo, Ask, et. al. they use PUP/malware to get people on-board rather than putting out a superior product.


Level 11
At the start of my online searches, i used Yahoo! (yeah, i know....same old, same old). Then when i was using WinXP, i started with google & haven't stop since.... ;):D:p

Occasionally, i use Duckduckgo too, but their results are so jumbled & not so relevant.
Google is the best, i mean, it's been tracking & keeping tabs on me for so long that it knows what i want when i search something. Come on, that is AI - Tracking AI, right?:D:rolleyes:


Level 7
For the past ~4 months I've slowly been stepping away from Google (as a whole, not only the search engine) as much as possible. The search engines I use now are DuckDuckGo and Startpage.

If you use DDG, learn about Bangs and how to use them - it makes searching for specific things much easier.


Level 6
Google and Ixquick. Felt a bit nostalgic the other day when I came across "webcrawler". That one and "Altavista" were the go to engines back in the day....