Which of these Search Engines do you use?

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I tried Duck Duck Go for a while but I kept having to return to Google to find what I needed to so am back to Google for now.


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I'm a bit surprised by the limited definition of "search engine" in this poll. DuckDuckGo is my default regular search engine but I use all kinds of search engines that aren't even in the list for specific tasks.

For example: I use

  1. shopping search engines and Amazon search to find products.
  2. Pinterest search for inspiration.
  3. Unsplash and Pixabay for free images.
  4. Twitter and TweetDeck search for news and gossip.

Most of you will surely at least use Facebook search.

I use Google only for work and for search by image. I don't want to see my private queries to be tracked and monitored by the government of the US and advertisers to follow me around the Web.
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Hi! May I ask you why you prefer qwant over DuckDuckGo?

It will be officially launched in Italy in 2 months I read , but wired.it did not tell it is that good ( I never tried it so I don't know )

Thank you
Qwant seems to be offering better search results than Duckduckgo lately. Does anyone know if Qwant has its own search algorithm?


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if i want search engine with privacy i will definitely use this
Ecosia isn't a private search engine. Search results are provided by Bing and all the same information you'd send if searching via Bing is sent when searching via Ecosia:
... when you do a search on Ecosia we forward the following information to our partner, Bing: IP address, user agent string, search term, and some settings like your country and language setting.

Additionally, by default Ecosia sets a Bing-specific “Client ID” parameter to improve the quality of your search results. If your browser has “Do Not Track” enabled, we disable the “Client ID” automatically. You can also choose to disable this feature by modifying your user settings.
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Why not Qwant?
It too failed. Today, in fact. I was searching for "wolve.pro" (in quotes), an adware infection. Quant results were useless (maybe I needed to scroll further)> StartPage and DuckDuckGo search results were more relevant (default settings used for all).


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I don't know what that means.

If you want to use Qwant, you can simply write whatever you want and add !qw. The advantage is that you can use multiple search engines without the need of changing the browser settings