Windows 7 Windows 7 better than Windows 10, really?

Discussion in 'Operating Systems' started by Umbra, Aug 13, 2016.


which one you prefer?

  1. Win7

  2. Win10

  1. CMLew

    CMLew Level 22

    Oct 30, 2015
    Registered Safety Practitioner
    Windows 10
    Hmm.. mine running Win10 but my specs are just Core M with 4GB RAM, though mine running SSD. So performance wise can i say it would be better off to run Win7? Not talking about security performance but more on speeds and stuffs.
  2. Balrog

    Balrog Level 3

    May 5, 2015
    Guilty as charged! :D
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  3. askmark

    askmark Level 11

    Aug 31, 2016
    united kingdom
    Windows 10
    Definitely Windows 10 - IMO every version of Windows, from version 7 to 10 has improved on the previous one. Even Windows 8 which the only issue I had with was the awful start menu, but that was easily corrected and didn't stop me using it. Under the hood, the improvements from each version are vast and shouldn't be underestimated. I've never had a stop error on Windows 10 and I can't say that about 7, and this is with exactly the same hardware. Not only that, this is on a Core 2 Duo 8400, 8 year old Dell Vostro!

    Personally, I don't like the start menu in Windows 10, but I can live with it as I don't really use it that much to launch applications, not now I use Listary which is absolutely perfect for my needs and has improved my productivity leaps and bounds!

    No OS is perfect, but I've used Windows since version 3 and nothing, apart from Windows ME, has put me off using Windows.
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  4. Mineria

    Mineria Level 3

    Mar 19, 2016
    Data Technician
    Windows 10
    You mean on really old hardware, right?
    Have yet to see it perform any slower on systems with 3rd generation of Intel i5/i7 and up.
    Besides gaming, my current rig cold boots around twice as fast with 10 than 7.

    Some tweaks use different registry entries, if you adjust your scripts accordingly they do work.
    Although, a lot of tweaks floating around on the net are useless even for Windows 7.

    Sorry to say so, but if 250KB higher RAM usage is of any concern for you, you definitely need to upgrade your hardware.
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  5. Evjl's Rain

    Evjl's Rain Level 29
    Trusted AV Tester

    Apr 18, 2016
    Windows 8.1
    #65 Evjl's Rain, Sep 11, 2016
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    I'm running windows 10 home because my laptop can handle it and because the laptop was shipped with w8.0 so it's better to stay to w10 than 7
    However, in a very low-end laptop (2Gb ram), I tried to install w10 (pre-installed then uninstalled stuffs and tweaked) & w7 with tweaks I have learnt for years, w7 is x2-x5 faster to w10 because w10 is constantly using pagefile due to a lack of memory (causing 100% disk usage in normal tasks, not idle) while windows 7 doesn't
    telling ppl to upgrade their hardware is a good idea but also the worst idea because they can do something that they don't have to upgrade to make their rigs work faster like installing w7 with tweaks. W10 with tweaks doesn't really work with low-end machines and it might cause 100% disk usage due to software-hardware conflicts

    My cousin has a sony vaio i7-3630QM - 8Gb laptop. He upgraded to w10 from the official microsoft tool and it was totally screwed up because of 100% disk usage bug. He installed w7 again without any tweak and now it is x10 faster (maybe a bit exaggerated but you can understand how much faster it can be)
    my girlfriend's sony vaio i5-4Gb ram had the exact same problem. perhaps, updating BIOS can fix it but who knows
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  6. JakeXPMan

    JakeXPMan Level 15

    Oct 20, 2014
    Windows 7
    Some tweaks work nicely, others don't seem to offer much, so less is more in that regard. I just keep my start up and programs to things I need and use, and no processes running in background for no reason.

    Not to say Windows 10 isn't impressive... its a good OS, very light (on dual core +) and with RAM considering the selections and apps on it, and on default settings.

    Just that for whatever reason this old laptop of mine, runs good on XP, great on 7 and sluggish on 10.
  7. Im running windows 10 pro AU on 2nd generation intel and it is smooth and fast as can be.

    Windows 7 is a seasoned OS. It is still a solid contender. That said, updating windows 7 from a clean install is a lengthy, pain in the arse, and you better hope you do not get caught on one of the update/corrupted installer loops in the process. Last machine i updated from scratch of windows 7, which was about a week ago, had over 300 updates to start with upon the first scan for updates. o_O:eek::rolleyes:

    Windows 10 has had it share of issues as well, but i can literally clean install it and have the drivers up to date, and be installing user programs in under a couple hours, i can not do this with windows 7, at least not a complete clean install.
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  8. Soulweave

    Soulweave Moderator
    Staff Member Content Creator

    Jan 14, 2015
    Windows 10
    My only grip with W10 is the Theme support. Yes you have to use 3rd party tools just like W7, but not every theme available requires the same tools.

    In regards to Updates, since I come from a Linux Background + everyone remembers the XP SP fiasco, offline updates will fix any issue in terms of speed.

    Currently for W7/W8.1 you have two, while for W10 you have one.

    For regular and average and even new user, W7 to W10, improvements been made and easier, no denying it.
  9. Soulweave

    Soulweave Moderator
    Staff Member Content Creator

    Jan 14, 2015
    Windows 10
    Use WSUS Offline. Have a written guide here in MT.
  10. Evjl's Rain

    Evjl's Rain Level 29
    Trusted AV Tester

    Apr 18, 2016
    Windows 8.1
    #70 Evjl's Rain, Sep 11, 2016
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    Windows update can increase or decrease system performance and it decreases drive C space

    I had an old W7 machine w/ 2Gb of ram. After a full windows update with some cleanup and tweaks, it could never has the same speed as before

    The best is to install windows with updates preinstalled so system would get the best performance. I feel like updating from the original windows will decrease speed rather than increase

    I tried to install W7 ISO with all the latest updates preinstalled, it ran extremely fast. Then, I decided not to sacrifice system performance for those security updates unless they are written on newspapers that they really fix something or increase system performance

    moreover, there was an update for windows 7 that caused BSOD. It was announced on many newspapers. I updated it before they announced. Guess what, BSOD + system restore didnt work => reinstalled windows for scatch
    That's why I hate windows update
    Just my story :)
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  11. Ramona

    Ramona Guest

    On my PC I use Windows 7 because I have the best performance and also a lot of programs that I use are not working on Windows 10 (some work, some have compatibility issues or low performance). My AV, Qihoo doesn't work that well on Windows 10 (the keylogger protection doesn't work at all) and so on.

    On work (I'm Network Administrator & System Administrator), I had a lot of issues with Windows 10 (BSOD, performance issues and some software didn't work with Windows 10).

    With Windows 10 I had a lot if issues with recovering from crashes or BSOD. A lot of the time I couldn't fix and I had to use the backup, when I use the backup software I couldn't boot and I used the Windows tool and other two software with same result. I only had issues with Windows 10.

    I voted Windows 7 in the poll. :)
  12. Umbra

    Umbra From Emsisoft

    May 16, 2011
    Community manager
    Vietnam & France
    Windows 10
    the point of my article is about Average Joe doing the install, of course i can avoid all the issues above by using tweaks and workarounds, but AJ won't. ;)
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  13. Soulweave

    Soulweave Moderator
    Staff Member Content Creator

    Jan 14, 2015
    Windows 10
    Average Joe will be able to use such tool granted he reads the faq/guide.
  14. jamescv7

    jamescv7 Level 61

    Mar 15, 2011
    Web and FileMaker Developer
    Windows 10
    Well I find much stable to have 3rd party to implement themes on Windows 7 rather Windows 10 because of nature where issues may occur promptly due various reasons. + the current theme of Windows 10 is much stable without any enhancements.
  15. DC47561

    DC47561 Level 3

    Feb 3, 2017
    IT Support
    Windows 10
    Windows 10 end of
  16. Anker_by

    Anker_by Level 4

    Jun 23, 2015
    Windows 8.1
    I vote for Windows 10, because they just release and the performance is going increase in the future and that think they gonna release 'Game Mode' is interesting. Nothing compared with W 7 and horrible Vista.
  17. darko999

    darko999 Level 16

    Oct 2, 2014
    I'm using win 10 since I got free key but I have to admit that unistalling useless apps everytime windows updates is annoying. Win 7 was obviously better than 10 but Microsoft made it almost like win 10 so people will just upgrade. So now win 7 is not like it was before.
    Of course I love win 10 performance and some features. But if I have to compare old win 7 vs win 10, old win 7 was better. Actual windows 7 vs win 10 I'll go win 10 and fight on tweaks to make it as good as possible.
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  18. j2yazmnzn

    j2yazmnzn Level 1

    Jan 29, 2017
    Never had a problem with windows 10, works great so far.
  19. Rolo

    Rolo Level 18

    Jun 14, 2015
    Retired Electronics, Computer, Network Engineer
    North Carolina
    Windows 10
    I hear ya.
    In Settings, however, you can disable this in Privacy, Background Tasks.
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  20. Tadas247

    Tadas247 Level 1

    Dec 30, 2016
    Windows 10
    Windows 10 works great at this stage. I haven't got any problems with them for a long time now. For those who still using windows 7 i would recommend to upgrade because in my opinion newer is always better.
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