Add-on Check Point SandBlast Zero-Day Protection (Enterprise Level)

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    Official Website:
    Release Notes:
    NOTE: Your company must have either a SandBlast Appliance or access to the SandBlast Cloud Service in order to use this extension.

    Chrome Web Store: Check Point SandBlast Zero-Day Protection - Read Description

    Protects users from advanced malware, phishing and zero-day attacks by performing real-time analysis
    Designed as an additional method for existing Check Point SandBlast customers to protect users from malicious websites malicious files downloaded using the Chrome browser, the SandBlast Web Extension blocks the most advanced and targeted web-based attacks from reaching your system.

    Check Point SandBlast elevates threat prevention to the next level with evasion-resistant malware detection, all while ensuring rapid delivery of safe content. The extension provides a transparent interface for Chrome users to leverage three key capabilities:
    • Threat Emulation inspects incoming files within a secure sandboxing environment to detect even the most sophisticated zero-day threats.
    • Threat Extraction complements this solution by promptly delivering a safe reconstructed version of potentially malicious files, maintaining uninterrupted business flow.
    • Zero Phishing detects unknown phishing sites that target secure and confidential user information and prevents employees from reusing their corporate credentials on external sites
    To learn more about Check Point SandBlast, please visit:
    SandBlast Zero-Day Exploit Protection | Check Point Software

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    Another bubble we can't test or see how it actually works. Half of this companies spend more money on this videos they make and marketing staff. I am sure of that.
    This is basically something like deepviz i would assume with the extra it "cleans" files. Interesting but i can't test myself so i have 0 interest.
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    Interesting, but not practical for home user since it is an Enterprise solution. However, these sorts of things tend to "filter down" to some home solutions. Since Check Point wants no part of home consumers, it is extremely unlikely us home users will ever see any of it - unless another vendor that sells to home consumers copies these type of protections.

    Bitdefender has something similar in its Intrusion Detection System and has had it for quite some time.