Seem's like an interesting update, with all the bug fixes and such :D
No update yet. Update will be essentially a version "hotfix" for W10 = no significant bug fixes for W7 and 8/8.1 systems.

Version 9 will hit the street at the end of August.

See post by @vivid (# 17) above...
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Level 12
Installer size: 5,15mb = Online installer. Great.

Little Review​
New UI:

Default settings overview
Firewall security include (default config):


Proactive (no screenshots, sorry):
HIPS - Safe mode
Sandbox - On
Viruscope - On for ALL system, not only Sandboxed apps

Rating Scan:

Now testing vs 109 Mostly New Samples [30/08/2015]:

Proactive mode.
HIPS are annoying, options changed:
- Do NOT show popup alerts -> Block request. Explorer can run exe files >.<
- Allowing explorer to run files... Option not available, only can ASK or block, reverting last config...
- Create rules for safe applications -> On

- Disable HIPS...
- Firewall auto block request

HIPS alert under Sandbox (las time I used comodo this doesn't success)

Some times HIPS alert take long time to appear and cause "popup queue" slowdown. Rebooting VM to try to fix (xD).

108/109 bloqued or sandboxed

This one run without problems but don't looks like a true virus, check names:

Sometimes settings UI have visualization gliches.
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indeed it looks like (a bit) CIS v5

something special except the UI?


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Comodo Internet Security 2015 Beta
Online [5.1 MB] Installer
[cis_setup_x86.msi or cis_setup_x64.msi]
[ Find in c:\ProgramData\Comodo\Installer\ ]​
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Level 12
I test this and it left 96 :oops:

This: Crasher for samp 0.3d > shut down PC when CIS in default mode.
Im testing Firewall only, without AV module ;)

But I have some issues, rebooting now my VM...

(I'm posting results on my "long" post xD)
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