Level 15
I am sure you are a tidy person. :LOL:(y) No really I am sure. ;)
Trust me, i am not, well not me anyway, today i haven't even got dressed and it 3.45pm, seems a waste of time now, lol.

What software is that '39' at the bottom right?
Och, that little thing, that's just my age my friend (in case i forget)

no, it's Hard disk sentinel, someone posted a giveaway link last week for it .................... oh look, i'm reversed time and i'm only 32 now :ROFLMAO:


Do you guys think your desktop reflects you in other areas? I don't like a lot of stuff on the screen either; however, this was a recent development. After sharing a neighborly tumbler of boiling hot coffee with my modem, things have been sparse and mimimal since. On screen, taskbar is otherwise hidden.:cool:

Screenshot (21).png


Level 5
Great pic, @plat1098 :)

I also prefer clean desktop and I usually keep it that way, unless I'm working on some kind of paper. Every time I've been writing some kind of school paper or when I was working on my Master's thesis, my desktop used to be in a complete mess with gazillions of documents all over the place. But as soon as I finish with whatever I've been doing, I'm always back to my neat and clean desktop. :)