Software to Compare
Kaspersky Internet Security 2019
Emsisoft Anti-malware Home
Eset Internet Security 2019
Avast Internet Security


Level 28
Malware Tester
AVs flag almost all crypto apps. This is one of the app that was auto deleted.

Only GUI wallet installation files/folders are auto deleted but not CLI wallet files.
I ran the installer and after installing Emsisoft's Behavior Blocker detected the setup file exe and the main softwares exe and asking me to reboot the device to completely remove the threat.


Level 1
I just tested the program you inked and only two programs detect it as Malicious. BKAV and ESET:


I would set ESET to ask instead of automatic cleaning and then whitelist it from the detection dialogue.
In VT test, Kaspersky didn't detect it as malicious but on my pc, Kaspersky deleted the files.

I have configured ESET for Normal Cleaning which should have prompt but it deleted automatically.


Level 23
Me I personally like Kaspersky or ESET the best. I do not like Avast because of Spying and dodgy things it has done.

Also when my brother used Avast about a year ago it caused his system to BSOD every time it started, so we had to restore it.

I would probably recommend ESET, it is very light in my opinion too. :)