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Mar 17, 2023
Seems fine now. They picked the wrong target. Maybe some unhappy ex-member? Some repeat offender? ;)
Probably Webroot employee who didn't like all the wonderful things we said about them and the result of the test. /Sarcasm

But yeah I don't blame you for taking extra security measures. After all you lead by example. And this is a security site.

I have left dslreports over a decade ago; since the time they had their hack and exposed everyone's passwords and emails. The passwords were being stored in plain text! Hahaha. And I've been a member on that site since 1999.


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Sep 2, 2021
Same issue with Safari and Adguard for iOS... Just to let you know, around 4 AM (French time), MalwareTips didn't load or loaded very slowly. At first, I thought my Fiber was having issues, I tried on 5G and it was the same... I wouldn't have imagined that MT was the target of a DDoS attack... Don't you have an anti-DDoS system @Jack ?


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Jan 24, 2011
Spying feature hehe
Made a few changes: The block will show max 3 avatars and the other members will be displayed as a number. The block will show only if 3 members are reading the thread.



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Jul 20, 2023

If in Account Settings, Privacy, one has "Show your online status" and "Show your current activity" disabled, shouldn't that user be hidden from that new "Also reading" thingy as well?
If so, that doesn't work correctly, as it shows user Spiff.

Yes, your avatar will not show up if you have those settings disabled. :)

Err.. I have those settings disabled, and as you could see, user Spiff was in the image you posted.

Made a few changes:
Thank you, Jack.
Did you notice what I wrote, that even though "Show your online status" and "Show your current activity" were disabled, my avatar still showed in "Also reading this" in the image you posted?
Were you able to fix that?
If not, I won't worry about it.
Myself, I filter that new "Also reading" element using uBlock Origin filtering (as I filter quite a lot of elements, among which are all "Likes" elements).

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