Help Me Decide Trend Micro Maximum Security vs Emsisoft Antimalware vs Bitdefender Total Security

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Choose your best option in terms of defense

  • Trend Micro Maximum Security

  • Bitdefender Total Security

  • Emsisoft Antimalware

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Jul 28, 2016
Operating System
Windows 10
Installed Antivirus
Out of the 3 : emsisoft , because of the reasons
allready stated by others above me : great tech support , good b.b. , fairly easy on system recources. At least at the time i used it. Trend is also extremly light on system recources, because it is full cloud based. It does make use of a Windows firewall booster. Bitdefender comes with tons of extra tools and what not , that might fall under the bloat category. It als notorius for Being heavy on systemresources, as well as Being a brake on webbrowsing and it is buggy. If it where up to me , i would go for emsi if you insist on Paying for a security product.