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Probably Boclean. Pest Patrol was used by me long ago.. Then some Anti-Trojan product that was really popular way back, forgot the name. Switched to Ewido when that license ran out.

First main AV I used was Norton way way back. Then I helped launch NOD32 in the USA and later assisted in localization and development of Mks_Vir (Polish AV) into the USA.. Then I moved on to GData and helped them localize it with the USA market under eXtendia AVK brand name and was involved with GData for a few years. Convincing people NOD32 was great was hard. Convincing them GData (eXtendia AVK) was the best AV in the world at the time was very very difficult. Mks_Vir was awesome at the time, but failed miserably in the USA. I still have photos of the original, first prototype english box somewhere around here, and a photo of the first US launched GData packaging.

Later I worked for Starforce, for awhile our copy protection was unbreakable. Then I helped engineer a product that was one of the first default-deny/SRP products of it's type - Safe N Sec. Which still exists and is used in a lot of ATM machine type markets. No machine was ever compromised with SafeNSec on it based on our metrics of the installed units at the time.

Ahh the good ole' days.


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Norton was the first, and it was terrible. Heavy and not able to defend my computer. The first good AV I used was Kaspersky. Back then I downloadet a lot of MP3 music, and I found out there was trojans because Kaspersky took each and every one. My infections simply stopped, so I also stopped downloading MP3 files with Limewire. After that I startet to look after something just as good as Kaspersky but lighter. NOD 32 a while and Prev X until Webroot bought it.
I remember a spyware scanner called Ewido that was pretty good too, but I think it was an on demand scanner.


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I like very much idea of Safe'n'Sec...but its behaviour is sometime surprising...haha :) Ok, back to the topic...I think the first AV I met was Mks_vir (due to country if origin :cool:) but from that time I remember Inoculateit and Quickheal also. As on demand scanner that was run from CD was VirusBlokAda.


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If anyone recalls the days of DOS?

Back in the "Dark Ages" prior to Windows 3.1:

My first infection was the "Monkey Virus;" a boot sector infector. It was rapidly removed via 3.5 inch floppy with a simple executable called It's so long ago I just don't recall the extension, (it may have been .exe.) Would have been an 8086 machine in the late 1980s or early 1990s. Picked up on a Bulletin Board via FIDO NET or similar.

I do remember being locked out of my computer and much pulling out of hair.

I reckon the first RESIDENT A/V was probably PC-Cillin.

Nowadays I tend to rotate between ESET Smart Security or Kaspersky. Malwarebytes, HitmanPro and Zemana are all sitting on my system; one running realtime(MWB,) the others "on call" for multiple opinions. I tend to be targeted quite frequently.

I hope you get a chuckle from that lot.


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Just barely... I remember having a cheat-sheet of DOS commands... in those days, using a computer was not a good form of relaxation.

And my first browser (at work) was called Mosaic.
Wow! @Burrito , Mosaic - That's something I'd forgotten in the fog of time!

So I stay on topic I'll add a program called "Virus Buster" to the list of ancients. I reckon it came with pedals to make it work faster.:eek:

DOS wasn't too bad for its time. Yep, the commands were a little convoluted so I can certainly understand the cheat-sheet you mentioned. We managed to get the job done though. Just far less efficiently.

Have a great day/night Mate!


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on my powerful Leading Edge computer with 2MB RAM, the latest 32mhz processor, AND an impressive 40MB HDD.
Thought I had the slowest computer at that time, but I was wrong, you actually had a slower computer :geek::eek:

Anyone remember staring at those ads in the newspaper for all those upgrades and the top end PCs selling for 3k or 4k with all the graphics and everything? I can still feel the jealousy and rage I felt looking at those ads :devil:. I think the gamers were going with 8, 12, or ideally 16 mb and then a graphics card. Everything was so expensive though.

Think the old barge I had was 486 DX2 50/2 MB/200 MB/2.4 kb :sick: modem /3.1 & DOS for games. $1200 with the monitor. I made it work until around 1997 I guess, then the first Pentium with W95...


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They cost like ancient relics from somewhere. My Leading Edge, with 14 inch CRT monitor and Windows 3 cost me over $1000 US, which was a LOT of money in 1992. I still remember the stack of 3 1/2 floppies I had for Windows 3 and DOS 5. It was a good thing because I constantly tinkered with it and screwed something up, forcing me to reinstall the OS. I later upgraded to Win 3.1 and DOS 6. Those were the good old days.