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F-PROT Antivirus is first antivirus that i used. It was 1991 i think. I was just a little kid. Then the market was very limited. I remember that they were F-PROT, Norton, McAfee, NOD on Yugoslavian market...actually in the professional institutions. A couple of times F-PROT detected DOS directed virus. My dad told me that he used Norton. He also told me that many times Norton saved his work-his job.


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First AV is Norton (2004 version), until the time change from McAfee and AVG.

Always ignore those yellow/red alerts because of no internet connection to update the database and subscription expirers. :))

For Anti-spyware its Spybot Search and Destroy where that time is a very good product, classic interface but effective.


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I can remember or used?

A list of some software I remember using;
- Ad-Aware 1.05/6 SE
- Ewido Anti-Spyware
- Spybot S&D 1.4 (I think)
- Yahoo Anti-Spy

Yeah, I used Ewido. And at the time, it was really good. Very disappointing when the "lifetime licenses" went 'poof' --- and they were gone.
And I used Yahoo Anti-Spy too..... and I never would have remembered that until just reminded.

And Dr. Solomon's. No one really remembers 'the good doctor' anymore. I barely remember Dr. Solomon's anymore..

Norton For Years, I remember going out to local office max, each year and buying a newer copy if I couldn't afford the renew price, Then tried Windows Live One Care in 2005, (bad idea) badly infected my system then probably my own fault, then got recommendation after everything was back to normal to junk Norton/Mcaffee for 3 months, then got recommendation to drop Mcafee for Avast Free