Holy crap there was literally a bug on my computer while I was posting this (alive one, not the PC one) . Anyway, my first one was i think Norton. On my uncle's computer. My parent's used Mcafe. They switched to Kaspersky while I'm still testing to find a good av. On my current PC (windows 8) I use avast! free edition.


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I just started using my own personal computer since 2009, My first desktop was dell inspiron 560s, I was given with a pirated windows 7 ultimate OS, At that time i didnt know much about computing, So My First product was AVG, I dont remember whether it was AV or IS, but i was using it without knowledge!


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I can remember or used?

A list of some software I remember using;
- Ad-Aware 1.05/6 SE
- Ewido Anti-Spyware
- Spybot S&D 1.4 (I think)
- Yahoo Anti-Spy

But the first real-time Antivirus and Firewall was McAfee (2004), it was in a bundle sale.
Then the following year, the first Internet Suite was Norton (2005).