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Mine was GIANT-AntiSpyware :D

It looks like some rogue Antivirus but it was one of the better GUI's in those days :)
Giant AntiSpyware was owned by two guys that had a partnership, one sold his half to Microsoft which first became Windows Defender then Microsoft Security Essentials. The same engine is still used today on Windows 8 Windows Defender of coarse it is updated.

The other guy sold his half to Sunbelt which became CounterSpy then VIPRE, it is still the same engine but also updated.

After the deal was done both Microsoft and Sunbelt shared the same exact database for a year before going their separate ways.

My first AV was eTrust Antivirus on Windows 95 long before CA bought them out. Then I used Norton, McAfee and TrendMicro, back in those days you didn't have much options. There were no free AV's available back then. Around 2000 Nod32 came out and I stayed with it for awhile because it didn't slow down my systems like the others did and it was cheaper.

Thanks. :D


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First Soviet program antivirus. It is created in 1988 when one of computers of the Main computer center of the State Planning Committee of the USSR was infected with the virus Vienna-648. In due time — one of the most known in the USSR and Russia domestic software products.
In the late nineties Aidstest was replaced with Doctor Web'ом. Over Aidstest the wide circulation at that time the polymorphic viruses which are completely changing the code at each infection was the main cause of termination of work. As in similar viruses it was impossible to allocate a constant signature, Aidstest a priori couldn't struggle with them, while Doctor Web antivirus as supported by JSC Dialognauka, I coped with this task. It led to that development of Aidstest was recognized unpromising, and his founder was connected to development of an antivirus of Doctor Web.


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If I well remember my first AV was McAfee VirusScan Professional 6, Lavasoft (Ad-aware 6) as spyware and ZoneAlarm 2.6 my firewall