Dave Russo

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I bought my first computer from PC Richards it came with a program called CA internet security,it gave me install problems from the start,Bitdefender became the go to guy about 18 years ago, Kaspersky in those years used to block my key board or printer and tried it about 3 times gave up.Norton and McAfee became every antivirus testers targets as easy prey.Now Eset and Kaspersky have been my go to guys


Level 13
Malware Tester
The first PC my dad bought came with McAfee. My very first own security combo was ZoneAlarm Free FireWall with AVG Free AntiVirus alongwith Spybot and Ad-Aware as back-up scanners. Thereafter I learnt about NOD32 and since then I've never looked back. :emoji_beer:


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I used AVG back around 1999 for some time. McAfee and Norton were already there I believe. Then there was Comodo 1, 2, 3, etc. that became a rage until Avast 4 came around maybe 2004? That's when I changed from AVG to Avast for about 7 years I guess. Can't remember these dates. AVG was pretty heavy on the P3 I had. I remember that much...


Level 4
I remember seeing McAfee in the catalogs in the late '80s -- early '90s. Then I first saw Norton AntiVirus on the shelves at Fry's Electronics, with Peter Norton's picture on the box. Fun fact: Norton wrote utilities; Internet security was always Symantec's thing.

My first antivirus was Norton. My first free antivirus was AVG. It's tough to remember what was the first antispyware program I ever used. It might have been Adaware, but I used Spybot much longer. My first firewall was Kerio. My first dedicated anti-Trojan was Ewido.