Battle Free Antivirus of the Year 2018 - Nominate


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Dec 29, 2014
KSC in a runaway with a nod to FortiClient for its web filtering. Takes some serious tweaks to get good protection from F-C, however, because it's designed to work with the Fortinet hardware. Very standard but outstanding if adding to Comodo or another firewalling, etc. application. Also great with OSArmor. Avast still deserves consideration. Personally, I just wish the removal tool was 100% a guarantee. I think it's the one thing avast should spend some time perfecting at this point. Sometimes it makes sense to unistall/reinstall security software during troubleshooting, and it's traditionally been too difficult with avast, especially if the program has been on the system for a long time and over many versions.

To be fair, for this year I would rank (in a 10 point split between top 3):
1. KSC-not even close. 6.5 points
2. Avast-good practical choice (privacy concerns hurt bad with Avast): 2 points
3. FortiClient-hard to configure (edit html file) but excellent web filtering :): 1 point
4. Panda/Tencent-OK for free and getting better but privacy concerns still: .5 points each for continuing to move forward

Bitdefender, AVG, and the other free versions are kind of standing still. Good programs for some, but not sure I would give them consideration for making strides in 2018 per se. I REALLY hope that ESET will step up with a killer A-V/system watcher free program to compete with KSC. They must be making very good progress internally since partnering with Gryphon. Don't even need firewall control from ESET if there is super-duper cloud monitoring/filtering of connections and downloads and then, natively, the basic best of Gryphon network security built into the local client :)...

Mahesh Sudula

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Sep 3, 2017
From the above.. i would rate.
KAF, Forticlient-Sophos, Avast for the free nominees.
The first and last provide exceptionally free features at par with PAID one's
However Forti, Sophos provide all of their Hard work for free can just install their WEB Filters and forget about AV.
Consider NANO as well..seem to improving day by day but no here as recommended Av


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Mar 29, 2018
1) Kaspersky Security Cloud Free (enhanced and more configurable version of KFA)
2) Kaspersky Free Antivirus (current winner in Malware HUB)
3) Windows Defender (most progress this year, least compatibility issues on Windows 10)
4) Comodo Free Antivirus (great in blocking mode @BoraMurdar settings)

I think you nailed it. Absolutely agree on #3! (y)


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Oct 17, 2015
1. Kaspersky cloud free (it includes secure input unlike KFA)
2. Windows Defender (With some tweaks of course)

Overall, since this year Kaspersky is taking the place of best AV free and paid, is very known where I live but the people doesn't know that exist KFA o KSC free, so the trend is just starting.