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Jan 8, 2011
Didn't notice if you enable the Windows update cleanup in the in-built cleaner it makes the cleaning process very slow compared to any other cleaner?
Short answer: Don't use it.
The Disk Cleanup experience (“cleanmgr.exe”) is being deprecated. We’re retaining the Disk Cleanup tool for compatibility reasons. There’s no need to worry since Storage Sense’s functionality is a superset of what the legacy Disk Cleanup provides!
Source: Windows 10 and Storage Sense

Long answer: the legacy Disk Cleaner is resource intensive and feels slow to the user, because of how it works.
Windows Updates Cleanup takes almost 100% CPU usage, it's all about WinSxS compression and reintegration of updates
Source: Why does Disk Cleanup take so much time and cpu?

Windows 10 users are recommended to use Storage Sense instead.


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Apr 13, 2014
Wow.... I feel like a misfit on this one.... Wise Care 365 Pro.


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Apr 17, 2020
I did use Wisecare Pro some but not much anymore. I do use Wisedisk cleaner free daily on a schedule and manually Hibit Uninstaller junk and registry cleaner once a week or so (which will soon have the schedule feature!) Main c: drive is now SSD so just let windows optimize but for my games drive I use Wincontig manually on most used folders monthly or so.


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Dec 4, 2014
I use Advanced SystemCare Pro, AVG TuneUp, Kerish Doctor and Norton Utilities Premium.

While I don't need to use all of them, they are all safe to use. AVG TuneUp came with my AVG Ultimate subscription. I bought Norton just to try the new version based on System Mechanic, as I could not find a trial version anywhere. I probably will stop using AVG and Norton when my subscriptions expire.

Although the ones I listed are safe to use, most optimisation tools can cause problems.

In fact, I only trust two optimizers - Reg Organizer and Kerish Doctor.
Just be aware that Reg Organizer's registry cleaner has minor issues with false positives.


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Dec 4, 2014
I had a bad experience once where the registry was corrupted which rendered some applications unusable..I guess that was in part my fault..
Around 99% of registry cleaners have issues with false positives, meaning that they will at least sometimes want to delete valid registry keys. This is not a good thing, as sometimes they will delete important registry keys, which can cause problems.

There are a few registry cleaners which are very safe to use, but most should be avoided.